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A highly protein-rich supplementary feed that is low in starch. Gives a concentrated addition of quality protein (particularly potato protein). The extra high content of the amino acids, lysine and methionine.
Suitable in the event of an acute shortage of, increased need for or risk of deficiency of protein.
Always give your horse access to forage before feeding it concentrate feed and try to spread its concentrate feeds evenly throughout the day.

  • Protein concentrate
  • High protein content
  • Easily digested with a high proportion of essential amino acids
  • Recyclable paper bag 15 kg
  • Consider adding supplementary minerals and vitamins if using MUSCLE UP as the only forage feed
  • Pellets 8 mm


A suitable feed should be based on the nutritional value of the forage feed, level of performance and growth, and whether the horse is in foal or lactating.

As a guideline, feed around 1 – 1.5kg of dry matter forage a day/100kg horse. Feed MUSCLE UP when your horse needs extra protein:

For extra protein (raw protein) Add MUSCLE UP 
100 gram  0,25kg
200 gram    0,5kg
300 gram 0,8kg

1 liter KRAFFT MUSCLE UP = approx. 0.7kg.


Potato protein, Wheat bran, Green meal, Beet pulp, Alfalfa, Wheat, Molasses, Oats, Oat bran, Rapeseed oil.


Dry matter 88 %
Metabolizable energy (ME) 12 MJ
Digestible energy (DE) 14 MJ
Crude protein 40 %
Digestible crude protein 340 g
Digestible crude protein/energy (ME) 28,3 g/MJ
Lysine 30 g
Vegetable fibers 10 %
Crude oils and fat 4 %
Starch 9 %
Sugar 5 %
Crude ash 5 %
Calcium 0,4 %
Phosphorus 0,4 %
Magnesium 0,2 %
Sodium 0,07 %
Potassium 1,1 %
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