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BETFOR Sugar beet pulp 12,5 kg

BETFOR Sugar beet pulp 12,5 kg

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Betfor is a natural feed derived from Swedish sugar beets. The product is simply dried beet fibre and molasses, and is a natural source of minerals and vitamins. It contains no preservatives or other additives.The product does not contain or consist of GMOs.

Feed only soaked beet pulp! Because Betfor is a dry feed, it quickly absorbs large quantities of water. To make Betfor easier for your horse to eat, and to prevent pieces of food to get stuck in the oesophagus, Betfor must be soaked thoroughly before feeding. Soak one part Betfor shreds in 3 parts water.


 Physical chemical /kg product

Dry Matter 91%
Crude Protein 8,6%
Crude Fat 1,4%
Total Sugar 10,5%
Calcium 0,8%
Phosphorus 0,1%
Metabolisable Energy 11,2 MJ/kg


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